Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask - Refill Pack

Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask - Refill Pack
Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask - Refill Pack
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Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask Refill Pack (5pcs Mask)


Diamond V-Fit Mask is the latest Korean V-Shaped facial combination with V-Fit mask and slimming band. With pressure leading-in technology, Body-FitTM essence can be absorbed efficiently on cheeks. Lifting up and firming the shape of your face, promote facial blood circulation and burn up extra fat on the face to remodel a V-shaped face.

Nanometer sliming band

  1. Maintain elasticity
  2. Adjustable to make the band fit the cheek and absorb essence effectively
  3. Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask have separated mask and soft sliming ear-hook ,which could avoid discomfort caused by paper film on the back of the ear.

V-shaped Facial Treatments

  1. 100% fit your face by adjustable slimming band
  2. Immediately reduces 1cm, firming boost up to 20%
  3. Defenses against problems such as double chin and round face
  4. Reduces the visible sign of aging
  5. Pressure leading in the essence, can be absorbed efficiently into cheeks
  6. Reusable pliable Pelastic fibers, safe, aseptic and easy to clean


  1. Speed up metabolism and promote lymph kinesis.
  2. Burn fat in cheek & chin area.
  3. Targeted to repel cheeks swelling , solve the double chin problem & baby fat.


  1. Unique lifting mask with nanometer slimming band
  2. Tighten the flabby skin
  3. Reshape the outline and firming the shape of your face


  1. Relieve dry skin and restore soft, elastic skin
  2. Fade stubborn neck lines

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